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Name Change, Project Reboot

2016-09-25 23:55:16 by InkBlotCreations

It's late so I don't feel like being long-winded tonight.


I've finally realized I can CHANGE my username, and so I have. I am once again working on this account, and I am rebooting the "Ink Blot" project, hence the new name. You'll learn more later, maybe on a day when I'm not tired. I am a sleepy ex-Kittybat556.

Hey all, it's storytime!


One of the reasons I became an animator is to educate. I often get distracted by my other reasoning, which was to express myself, but I am finally getting back on track as ideas are coming to me. You see, I always had plans to make an animation series that was like any other, what with its action, good stories and characters...but it would mix in educational aspects that taught the viewer about biology, chemistry and basic psychology in animals. Those three things were things I always excelled at, both in school and at home.


So I leave it to you, my miniscule army of fans; Would the following idea be something worth watching, and if not, would you like to see me come up with another?


The animation starts in the future. And surprisingly, the not-too-distant future. Research on the internet shows that we are actually close to some groundbreaking developments in the near future. This includes artificial intelligence, robots that are highly advanced, and even mind manipulation. That last one is the furthest off becuase we don't fully understand all the connections and signals that the brain creates in order to think. But we're getting somewhere with it.


In this animation, mankind has achieved a feat of pure mind over matter: The creation of Clones. No, not the clones like Dolly the sheep. But you're close. Clones, in this world, are genetically screwed-with animals that have been specifically made to the needs of their masters.


Clones are essentially servants in every way. There is seldom an area where a clone can't be found working for or entertaining a human. They have their good uses, such as helping the elderly that can't help themselves, being a more efficient seeing-eye dog to the blind, and even helping solve problems such as cancer. But then there's the less pleasant jobs, such as working tirelessly in a lab that makes more clones, day after day. They are also used for military use, and even bloodsport. Clones ae built to serve.


But how, do you ask, are they not rising up by this point? Easy. With the birth of clones, there also game the birth of the Tuning Headsets. Tuning Headsets, or Headsets for short, are devices that encase the head of the clone. Then, with mind manipulating technology, they brainwash the clone with commands that are programmed in by the users. If you want your clone to eat its vegetables, put on the headset and you can reprogram it to eat nothing but vegetables.


Clones are made in mainly test-tubes and occasionally by selective breeding. Each clone is usually pre-programmed by their creators to remain calm when the tuning headset goes on. The world humanity lives in is bittersweet.


Enter Tic-Tac.


Tic-Tac is a little clone who serves a woman who is paralyzed from the waist down. He gets his name from his favorite snack, which, you guessed it, are the little mints. His owner is kinder and has more humanity than others, so she doesn't feel the need to reprogram him with the tuning headset. She keeps it in a box, gathering dust. She feels that he can learn from his mistakes, rather than from a headset. They lived happily, until Tic-Tac eventually learned of his fellow clones. Tic-Tac then seeks to revolt, to set his people free. But at the same time, he's torn betwen freedom and the love of his owner.


I have a far more descriptive and exciting way to tell the story of the first episode, but I want to leave a surprise so you people stay interested and don't know the whole story.


This story will be for an older set, but it will definitely be educational. The four main educational aspects are these: Anything is possible, how you achieve those goals, biology/chemistry/basic psychology, and the consequences that may come from completing your goal, or taking it too far.



If any of you would watch this, I would like to hear it. Just keep in mind that this story will be for an older set, as it will have violence and possibly language, considering there is a war brewing in this animation.

Hey all. I've finally found a project to stick with, next to the ink blots, which is still very much in production. And as I was about almost half-done with this animation I've got planned, I got to thinking when I was looking for and adding sound effects...


"These sound effects sound like video game noises. It fits with the animation...but why don't we expand on this? Why don't I make an animation that is about a video-game universe?"


More quiet brainstorming (more like brainshowering, not much went on), and soon I had an idea! But first I'd like to ask my miniscule amount of fans of a few opinions. See if it's what people would actually want to see.



The idea goes like this: There is a universe where people "level up", "do quests", "get experience points" and so on and so forth. In this universe, there are few traces of the existing games we play today, but there may be parodies and references. So while you might be hoping for, say, a pokemon animation, I'm not going that way. I want it to by my own game universe. But despite the fact that it's a "game", the characters interact as though it's part of their daily life. There's probably going to be some confusing meta-terms, but I still think it would be fun. To help clarify the feel of the idea, here's a little script of a skit I wrote in like five minutes.


Hero Character: "Aw, cool! I found a coin in the grass!"

[Hero Character is standing near a huge pile of coins.]

Party Member 1: "God, how many people lose shiny objects in the grass these days? I swear, it's like they come out here just to dump their valuables out..."

Party Member 2: "I blame the tiny grass people! They're always stealing my socks!"

Party Member 1: "C'mon, what would 'tiny people' want with your socks?"

Party Member 2: "They could use them for sleeping bags!"

Party Member 1: "I don't think -anyone- wants to use a sock as a sleeping back. Especially if it's your socks."

[A tiny man dressed in leaf-armor runs by, carrying a sock.]

Party Member 2: "...Hah! Tiny grass people! Knew it!"



There you have it, folks. If this little skit was entertaining to you and seems like something I should animate in the future, say so in the comments! Peace!

Hey, invisible people! It's me!


I've been thinking lately. Aside from the Ink Blot project, I wanted something to keep my mojo flowing while I finish what stuff I can on it. I plan to pull out every trick I know for a new test animation, I am planning to make it look pretty. I have a connection with cats on a mental and spiritual level, so I decided to make it about cats. And the setting is Egypt, because where better? Cat worship and all. And I DO happen to partake in that spirit animal stuff, which for me is cat worship. I could go on and on about my religion, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable for any reason. Also, this post is not for yammering on about religion.


Anyway, the animation idea is extremely rough, and I'm still looking for potential soundtracks for the animation. If you have a short song (under a minute would be preferred) that feels very Egyptian, I would like to use it. For free, of course. But if the animation gets popular enough due to all the effects I'm putting in it, I might turn it into a series. And if I turn it into a series, I may look into payment of people who help me.


Anyway, that's all I got. Peace out, invisible fans. Love you all, even if I don't know if you're there or not.

I have begun to animate a whole story and way of life for a creature species I invented. And the best part is that I animated the first installation already! And it's up on NG as we speak!


The species in question is called an Ink Blot. Ink Blots are exactly what the name implies; A creature made of magically-animated ink. I will reveal more as I go along, but for now, enjoy this Ink Blot licking your screen:



Really proud of that animation peice! Well, I'm out, have a good day, my invisible followers!

It seems that all the roles have been cast for my animation. If it looks good and gets enough popularity, I might turn it into a series. You never know.


That's...the only thing I have to report. >.> Sorry for the short post. Wish me luck, peace out!

Role #2 Taken

2015-01-07 00:57:52 by InkBlotCreations

I have come with another update! The Voice Actor for Rory, the younger brother, has been cast. He will be voiced by the talented Jonah Huber, who's been a great friend to me and stood with me no matter how many ideas I've scrapped. He even helps me brainstorm and develop new ideas.


The role for Gavin is still waiting to be taken. It's up for grabs, so go grab it!


Peace, hope you enjoyed this update.

Ideas, ideas, ideas...

2015-01-06 02:29:32 by InkBlotCreations

I've been so held up by waiting for Valdis' voice actor that I've started on other projects. For now, we have a small thing to jumpstart myself back into the game, a short little thing with a Scottish feel. If you wish to audition and are capable of a male 10-year-old's voice, a male 13-14-year old's voice, or a male 18-year-old's voice, then feel free to try out.


In the meantime, I've been considering breathing life into a fantasy world that I've been making since I was around 13 or 14. It had so much in it, a growing database, it was even planned to be a roleplay. And yet nothing ever happened. To this day it still blossoms in my head, but never anywhere else. I'm considering using it in my animations a bit. But I have no clue for script or characters because the world, character options and classes were so vastly diverse. There were at least four or five different kinds of sub-classes of reach class-type, and there were five class types. You do the math, cuz I don't wanna. :P


But anyway, the world was so big and I would love to see it live again. I will continue to think about it, but I could use a lot of voices for that. If you happen to have any especially notable voice-types that can really bring a character to life, be my guest!


Alright, peace out. Just thought I'd update. Happy Late New Year, everyone!

VA for Valdis,/Update on Demon Trainer

2014-07-29 02:05:25 by InkBlotCreations

I am a little disappointed. Rachael Messer hasn't gotten back to me since she said she wanted to audition. Now, mind you guys, the audition for Valdis is still very much open. Just wanted to say that Rachael was taking WAY too long to respond. It's been a month, I'm moving on. Time for an update.


Alright, Valdis is still up for grabs. Her picture is right here, for those who didn't see my last blog about the series.



The role of Hakon, the main character, has been taken. But his father is still up for grabs.


Two people have already won the roles for two demons, the Shadow-Shifter and the Tree-Terror. The demons that are left to voice act for are the Snarling Stonecrusher, the Screamscale, and a third undesigned demon that you, the readers of this blog, are able to have a say in creating. The only thing I require is a real world animal to base it off of, and a power or particular behavior that makes it interesting.


We can always use the voices of villagers, one in partiuclar to say the line “Sir, wait! You can’t take that thing on alone!”. The rest is just the sound of men fighting demons during a raid on a village.



PM me for details on the sounds of these voices. We need Valdis badly.

The show has been officially named Demon Trainer. Fair name for a starting series. And I will be using the winning auditions to piece together the animation, which is why Valdis is needed so badly. She works as part of the opening sequence.

Elsword Log #4

2014-07-20 14:53:16 by InkBlotCreations

Hey all, I'm back with another Elsword Log! Enjoy!


Day 2,12:37 PM


Not much went on after my first day. I guess the crime died down. Something’s wrong here. They say there’s always things to beat up around here…not to mention there were hoards of things to fight when I last wrote. Seems I’m not the only confused one, but I’m the only one who seems to care. To them it’s just some nice, pleasant break from all the chaos. But this fighting thing is all I got to do. What am I supposed to do for money if I can’t beat it out of those bandits? I suppose I could get a job, but right now, fighting seems to be the only skill I know of. Unless there is need of a mechanic, I don’t know what I’ll do…

…Maybe I’m worrying too much. I earned a lot in a day, I can surely keep affording the rent at the inn for now. But while money may be an issue, there’s also the issue of what to do today. I don’t really know what I…


…Those devices just spoke to me again. They said my name. Then they mentioned a word that certainly wasn’t in my vocabulary…and I have a pretty decent vocabulary. Something along the lines of “Shurex”. What could that even mean? These things are awfully vague.

Maybe for today I can investigate these little machines. See what purpose they serve, besides channeling my electrical power...