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Finally a project I can stick with. No lies, no jokes, no unsure feelings.

2014-06-24 22:10:42 by InkBlotCreations

I have finally found a project I can stick with, and will follow to the end without bouncing to new ideas. And it was all inspired by the wonderful How to Train Your Dragon franchise. I saw the second movie a while ago, and was incredibly inspired once more, especially by the music. I bought two songs from the soundtrack on Amazon and got to work.

The series, which has yet to be named, is about demons. But it isn't the kind of demon you are thinking of. It's just a name for a different kind of supernatural creature that really can't be dubbed any other way as a whole. And just like the Dragons in HTTYD, they have many species that span the world. While I won't be having entirely correct biology and superpowers like in the movie it's based on (flying mechanics, fire generation, ect), I will have behaviors of real animals showing in these "demons". They will be reminiscent of the animal they resemble, usually, as well as combined behaviors from other animals. Examples include one species that is gecko-like, and has super sonic powers, such as making a concussive scream, based off the leopard gecko's ability to "scream" to startle predators.

Just like in HTTYD, someone will be connecting with these beasts and learn that there is more to them that meets the eye. I am still looking for voice actors and people to make the noises of the demons.


Finally, I have a bit of a contest for you invisible fans. This contest will be run now and then, I'll indicate when this contest begins when I feel like it. At least a few times a month. When the contest is up, here's what you do...

First, study an animal or find one you already know plenty about. Second, post the behaviors of the animal in either the comments or in a PM. If you have an extensive enough list of specific behaviors, quirks, and specific vocals, I will pick it. I also will pick the winner depending if I have the behaviors already or not.

After about a week, I will pick the winner and they will be posted in my blog, username and all, as a way of saying thank you and such. After I am given the behaviors, I will design a demon, custom tailored to the animal sounds and habits you described. At the end of the video it is featured in, you will be put there as a thank you in the credits for thinking up the demon's habits.



Alright, peace out, guys! I hope you have fun, and I hope somebody reads this :P


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2014-06-25 00:13:49

Striped Hyena

um.. i mean how specific do you want the info?

also, interesting idea..

(Updated ) InkBlotCreations responds:

Specifics? Well, here's an example of how I will integrate the behaviors. Here are the habits of the Bearded Dragon.

"Arm Waving. They will stand high on three legs and wave one arm in a circular motion when telling others of acknowledgement of the presence of other bearded dragons. Can also mean submission.

Head Bobbing. Usually common in males, they bob their heads up and down to show dominance over others dragons. They may do it when mating to show their dominance, and two dragons head bobbing each other are usually being aggressively territorial. The faster the head bobbing, the more aggressive. Slow head bobbing means submission.

Bearding/Fluffing the Beard. A defensive measure to make themselves seem bigger, their beards expand. They also fluff their beards when stretching."

That is a good example of what I'm looking for. How they move, what it means. How they "speak", what each sound indicates.