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Hello, I am an animator who hopes to one day be recognized, or even remembered as a Newgrounds legend.

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I am making a grand return to the newgrounds scene. After a long hiatus doing...I don't know, life stuff, I've come back to continue my old Ink Blots project. And in this grand animation series that had continued to sit and grow and flourish in my mind even after I left, I need your help! I require VAs and musicians who can both put some of the stranger sounding things to use!


Musicians, I want to hear you mix genres of music like you've never mixed before! I want to hear you combine orchestra with heavy metal, or synthesizers with mystical chimes! I want you to come to me with the absolute most UNIQUE music you can think of and make, because I want the music of this series to be as interesting as the concept!


Voice Actors, I need you to be able to make the voices of humans in 16th century Scotland and England. But, I ALSO need you to make voices that are bizarre -- some characters are not human, and I need those nonhuman things to sound musical. I don't mean a voice that sounds pleasant, I mean a voice that literally sounds like it was part musical instrument at one point. Accompany the voice's words with various sounds, or do something special and make the most bizarre and beautiful voice you can make! I want YOU to make this unique!


Now, I cannot pay anyone at this time, but now that I have some sporadic income I can pay you guys via paypal once in a while. It will still be a small amount of cash, depending on how many people get hired, but a minimum of 20 dollars is still something, right? And naturally, every last ouce of talent will be given its proper credit.


People, come to me with your PMs and I will answer them all. I will provide details on the story, characters and so-forth in those PMs. My email is also provided, anje.tulp@gmail.com, so I can talk to you even if I miss you on here.

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